7 Online Quiz Design Tips

1. Create meaningful quizzes or tests that offer participants added value and are directly related to your product or service!

2. Ensure the necessary fun factor, for example, by not using text answers, but working with images as an answer option!

3. First impressions count! Think of an enticing cover photo with an “aha” factor. Use enticing headlines. The user must directly grasp the added value. Even if the content is factual, the presentation should be emotionally triggering.

4. You have two options to collect leads with an online quiz: Either you link the participation in the test with the submission of the email address or, and this is the better converting option, the participant receives, only after he has filled out the contact form, his result or an incentive.

5. Create a converting landing page. The focus is on a short and concise description of what benefits you offer besides the quiz result. The user must grasp the message at a glance. Overall, the motto for the landing page is “less is more”. The main headlines, the most important features, eye-catching call-to-actions, one or two visuals, and trustworthy elements like logos, testimonials, or test seals are enough.

6. Use collaborations with influencers and experts to increase the conversion of your quiz. Quiz topics could be, for example, Ten questions from Bibi about daily skin cleansing, Monk tests your resilience, and Bob the Builder asks ten questions about installing your plumbing.

7. What’s ultimately important: add value, add value, and add value again!

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