How do I create my own landing page?

To validate your MVP, you need to create an effective and modern landing page. You don’t have to panic if you’ve never created a landing page or website before. Creating a landing page website is easier thanks to EarlyBird, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and no-code service providers. You can create a landing page with free templates according to the platform you use to create the website. However, the landing page must include some key features for MVP validation.

The following must be on your landing page to test the idea of MVP.

Design & Graphics

Graphics and a landing page design set the tone for the customer experience. Depending on your MVP type, you can set the color scheme of your entire page, either business or product. To create graphics for your MVP landing page, you can use free tools like Canva, Adobe Spark, Visme, or others. In terms of design, the minimalist approach usually works if your MVP idea is business-related.


After the graphics and design of a landing page, what grabs the visitor’s attention is the text, especially the headlines. Attractive and eye-catching headlines can make the visitor focus entirely on the text. This is what copywriters do, write the text that is sure to grab the customer’s attention. Use these headlines to describe your MVP to the visitor in an easy-to-read and engaging way. Customers like to hear what your idea can do for them and focus on points that make your product idea special.

Contact form

A successful landing page cannot be completed without a signup or contact form. These forms are the best way to provide feedback to your customers or get in touch with your MVP idea. If your MVP product or business allows the monthly newsletter, this can help validate the MVP idea. If the forms get good responses or feedback, it means customers find them unique and have the potential to turn into a successful startups.

Special offer

A special offer on your MVP landing page can be many things. For example, if your idea is based on a product, you can give early visitors a special discount or a free shipping offer, among other things. Such an offer makes the customer feel more connected to your MVP. Many Landpages follow an offer to increase their reach by offering a discount to the customer who shares their page. The offer can be set separately or with a CTA (call-to-action) button. Using the right offer for your product can validate it even more.

Multiple landing pages with different designs, contexts, and images can help you decide by analyzing traffic. Check what works on each page and try to merge all these features to get the best landing page for your MVP validation.